Macaulay2 Workshop & Mini-school

Overview 🧑‍💻

We are organizing a two-day mini-school for graduate students, followed by a five-day software development workshop for Macaulay2.

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Graduate Mini-school: June 3–4, 2023

The two-day mini-school consists of two lectures each day by leaders of a subset of the projects the following week in order to introduce the mathematics behind the upcoming Macaulay2 projects. Each lecture is followed by a guided problem session to solidify understanding of the topics, while also training students in the skill set necessary to use computational tools for attacking their own research questions.

Invited Speakers

Macaulay2 Workshop: June 5–9, 2023

This will be a traditional Macaulay2 workshop, including morning tutorials for beginners and a professional development panel for junior participants. All participants will work to develop packages related to current areas of research and extend the core functionality of Macaulay2. New participants will join groups led by experienced members of the Macaulay2 community, and they will be trained in aspects of open-source software development.

Proposed Projects

Click here for details about the projects.

Tutorials & Panels

Other information

This event is made possible thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation (DMS-2302476). We are also grateful to the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.


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